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Shared Value Spans Key Enterprise Functions


Shared value” is a buzz word in the social enterprise space, and rightly so. As a point of pride for the Crimson community, the term was formalized by Harvard Business School professor, Michael E. Porter and his long-time associate, Mark R. Kramer. Corporate strategies that focus on the intersection between positive financial return and social impact are typically the most effective forces for change, and many multinational companies are employing this market-driven approach. For example, Mars Chocolate, who will be speaking on Strategy with Social Impact: Sustainable Sourcing from the BoP (11:15 on Sunday), has realized that investment in the communities from which they source cocoa beans in Cote d’Ivoire strengthens their financial bottom line through better quantity and quality control.

One aspect of shared value that doesn’t always attract as much coverage as goods/raw material sourcing is the human capital version of this trend. The panel Creating Shared Value by Deepening Corporate Investment in Human Capital Development, at 3:15 on Sunday, will probe this topic with much-deserved thought by discussing how corporations are investing in the training of their next generation of workers. The mission of Genesys Works, founded by panelist Rafael Alvarez, is to train high school students in professional skills and help corporations find these students, so that they can immediately contribute to their operations. Genesys Works and the companies it partners with share the vision of a future education system oriented towards better preparing students for professional jobs.

Both of these panels will bring us fascinating discussions about how large-scale change can be achieved when for-profit companies identify coinciding social investment in all dimensions of their business practices. Be apart of the conversation on Sunday!